LOCAL KNOWLEDGE: For the long ball hitter, a 3 iron played down the middle of this slight dog-leg right, 
will leave you with a direct shot into this elevated green that is crowned front to back.    
This green can be held with a high iron into the front before the crown.  
If you do not reach the green in two, a pitch and run shot can also be effective.

Enlarge Picture From The White/Blue Tees: These tees are approx. 10 yards apart and are set on the right side of this fairway.  For the average golfer, a solid drive will put you in range for a middle iron into the green.
Enlarge Picture Second Shot:  Your second shot will most likely be from a level lie and is easily reached in two.  In the spring and fall, this green can be held with a high approach shot.  In the summer, a second shot played short, can be your best option due to dry conditions
Enlarge Picture

On The Green:  (This picture looks from the back of the green facing back to the middle of the dog-leg.)  This green is more elevated on the left side than on the right due to the last 50 yards of the fairway sloping right to left. Remember this Green is crowned front to back and is our fastest green.






















Hole 5

Course Layout