LOCAL KNOWLEDGE:  The 5th hole is ranked as one of  “The 18 Best in the Catskills” This is also our signature hole.
If you take a chance, this green can be reached in 2 for a formidable eagle or an easy birdie by cutting the corner and going over the trees with a right to left shot. 
This is not the choice for the average ball hitter. This is our most challenging green because of its drastic left to right and back to front slope.
The last 120 yards of fairway is narrow with a strong slope towards the water. This green is always fast. You never want to be above the hole! 

Enlarge Picture The White Tee: For the long ball hitter, cutting the corner can put you in position for an 8 or 9 iron into the slightly elevated green. For the average golfer, a tee shot left of center will leave you in position for a clear shot into the green. The Blue Tee adds 40 yards. All golfers should hit just right of the tree line. It is unlikely that you will reach this green in two.
Enlarge Picture Second Shot: This picture looks to the green from 225 yards out from the corner of the dogleg.  A long shot played tight to the tree line can get you there in two.  A lay-up to the big rock can be a wise decision.
Enlarge Picture On The Green:  (This picture looks from the back right side of the green facing back to the middle of the fairway)  This green is slightly elevated and has a drastic slope towards the water. 


















Hole 6

Course Layout