LOCAL KNOWLEDGE:  Both fairway and green slope left to right. 
The best shot into this green can be achieved from the tee by playing a draw aimed at the right half of the green. 
The sand trap located in the upper left front makes this shot very challenging.

Enlarge Picture From The White/Blue Tees:  For the long ball hitter this green can be reached in one.  The average golfer would be taking a chance driving over a hazard that stretches across the full width of this fairway.  A lay-up before the hazard could be the smart play to achieve par.  As much as 40 yards separate these tees.
Enlarge Picture Approach Shot:  The hazard is 90 yards from this green.  Remember this green slopes left to right so your approach shot should be kept left of the pin.  This green is usually very fast from above the hole.
Enlarge Picture On The Green:  (This picture looks from the 7 o’clock position viewed from the upper cart path) This green has many undulations and is both sloped and crowned left to right. 




















Hole 8

Course Layout